A few of the wonderful projects and activities that we, together with our clients or ourselves have developed. We’ll add your project here. Call or email us for a cup of coffee or tea. We explore together how a collaboration might look like.

Mariokarting through Amsterdam

Welkom bij mijn eerste verhaaltje voor de PR Mansion blog. Ik ben Jet, 24 jaar en ben in september verhuisd naar Amsterdam. Vanaf het begin werden mijn overlevingsskills al op de proef gesteld.

Foundation Mag ik dan bij jou – flying start

On the 9th of October, the first charity concert was held in…

On 19 january 2018 the PR Mansion changes into the ‘House of Brilliant Failures’

PR Mansion invites you to 'House of Brilliant Failures’ with…

Old School public relations – Five do’s to keep you focused

Social media, social influencers, fake news – as a pr-professional you can easily feel like an octopus juggling. But don’t panic – the essence of public relations has not changed. Old School public relations keeps you focused.

Good News Bad news – The Tipping Point

Besides the usual bickering from and about politicians – three events caught my eye the past few days.

Schoolinstructie project Wagnerstraat Amersfoort

BAM Infra Regio Noordwest begint met de uitvoering van het project…

7 quick tips to get your message in the media (or not)

You’ve got a brilliant plan or product, you moved to a…


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