Mabelle Kloppenburg-Koot

Mabelle Kloppenburg-Koot

Managing Partner

"Mabelle always tries to keep things moving; standing still is not an option. Reflecting is a movement too."

Specialization: internal communication, event organisation, pr strategy, government communication, coach on-the-job, interim management, environment communication, chairmanship.

Branches: infrastructure, education, (semi) government, finance, retail, B2B, energy sector and healthcare.

Apart from her job, Mabelle is active in her neighborhood, at the Rotaryclub Amsterdam Westertoren and hockeyclub AHC IJburg. Mabelle is chairman for the Client Council of the National Thrombosis Authority. Loves to cycle, dance, read and her family.

Jet Bessem

Jet Bessem

PR assistant

"Jet is able to differentiate between main and side issues, due to her analytic skills and empathy. This leads to rapid action and good results."

Jet is almost graduated in Health Sciences with a specialization in nutrition research. Started with voluntary work for people with disabilities at Paswerk, to teaching and organizing reading circles at an elementary school in the slums of Cape Town and tutoring high schoolers in the Netherlands, she contributes to society. At PR Mansion she uses her analyzing eye to investigate markets and reinforces the team with the organization of events and implementation of PR strategies.
Interests: nutrition, healthcare, culture, education and communication.
After living in Leiden for five years, Jet is now exploring Amsterdam. She combines a busy social life with yoga and mindfulness.
Layana Mokoginta

Layana Mokoginta

Managing Partner

"Layana devotes herself to a sustainable economy and harmonious world - her favorite tools are humour and originality."

Specialization: spokesman, pr strategy, (international) marketing communication, crisis pr, bottom-up cooperation, interim management, initiatives and societal midfield.

Branches: renewable energy, water, art & culture, bottom-up project development, fashion and beauty, development cooperation, healthcare.

Layana is active in her neighborhood, various bottom-up initiatives, active member and co-founder of the Rotaryclub Amsterdam Westertoren and writes for several blogs. Loves art and culture, dancing, drawing, writing and her friends and family.

Daniel Irragori Carter

Daniel Irragori Carter


"Daniel is our Colombia connection and a die-hard romantic that believes in the power of people and data to make the world a better place."

Daniel is an expert in the area of behavioral change and is a psychologist with a specialization in social health and graduated as a Master at the Maastricht University. At PR Mansion he cooperates on developing ways to move early and late majorities for societal issues.

Specializations: health and social psychology, qualitative research, behavioral change, intervention mapping, content marketing, user research, spiritual awareness.

Branches: social health, nutrition, social care.

Apart from being fluent in Salsa, Vallenato and Merenque, Daniel speaks English, Spanish and French fluently and is making great progress in mastering the Dutch language. Sometimes we see him without moustache and sometimes with. Because, “well, sometimes you need a bit of flare.”

Karima Aissaoui

Karima Aissaoui

Communication officer

"With her curiosity and broad view, Karima brings different cultures together."

Karima is a starter, but no beginner. Graduated in communication science with a specialization in cross-cultural and online marketing and is followed by no less than 10.000 people on Instagram. Speaks Dutch, English, Arabic and Berber fluently and French quite well.

For PR Mansion this brand new junior is going to work on various projects with social media concepts, pr strategies and implementation.

Interests: art & culture, creative expression, cross-cultural marketing and communication.

In her spare time, Karima draws and paints voluntarily with (demented) elderly. She has an enormous love for literature and writes for the Voltuneer Station Amsterdam about societal issues.

Team PR Mansion

The team of PR Mansion is active in various different branches and collaborates with many influencers and innovators. We know what the hot topics are and from which corner punches can be expected.

We have years of experience in creating as well as execution. In PR, education, fundraising, marketing and sales. Both internationally and locally. We would like to help you keeping your PR activities on course.

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