PR strategies, PR goals and PR target audiences: we gladly discuss them with you. Who are of importance for your goals? What do they want from you? And what is it you need from them? These questions form the fundament of every PR strategy.

Developing vision and mission

The reason d’etre, identity and goals of your company: That’s what PR is about. Our mission is to translate your mission to the people of interest in your sector.

With substantial research and smart thinking we work on this in our Salon. We also make this happen in our Greenhouse, with inspirational sessions together with your team.

Later on we connect solid goals to each target group and strategy, with fitting timeframes and activities. The next step happens in our Saloon, that’s where we take action.

PR strategy; off- and online

Do you have a solution, or a problem? A PR strategy starts with discovering the answer, to match a problem with its best solution. By doing this we gain focus in communication, and define the right message to the right audience at the right time in the best way possible. This works for both off- and online PR.

We gladly put our experience and intuition at your disposal. We use our flexible, creative and innovative thinking to reach your goals, always keeping and eye on the results.

Visit our Salon

Reality check and counceling

Could your PR policy use an update? Put our reality check into service. The reality check is an effective check up in which we find out whether maintenance is required, or parts of your business could use modifications. Eager to find out more about the PR Mansion reality check? Call or e-mail us for a meet up. Let’s see what we can do for you!

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