Getting ready for a product launch? Developing a PR-strategy, a PR-campaign? Or updating the PR-policy of your organization? Thinking about a new name for your company, product or service? We’ve helped many others before you, with our original Greenhouse method.

Greenhouse Method

The Greenhouse is a workshop consisting out of four phases: dreaming, reflecting, refocussing and doing.

What is it you want to achieve? What does the desired result look like? What are the potential roadblocks to consider, and what chances lay ahead of you? Who do you need, and which road do you take? In our Greenhouse words like ‘vision, mission, goals and targets’ come to live and take shape. This often leads to surprising discoveries on your audience, goals, and strategies. The Greenhouse always leads to a clear roadmap to get to action.

Inspiration Sessions

Inspiration doesn’t always come to you. Sometimes you need to step out of your daily routine to get there. Out-of-the-box, offline, someplace outside your office. PR Mansion gives you a hand with the search for an inspiring location, by choosing suitable work forms and by creating a perfect fit between subject, team and guidance. In a pleasant way we dream, debat, focus and conclude. With our Greenhouse session we vouch for inspiration and results.

The geWoonboot is a sustainable and floating location by ‘het IJ’, which is Amsterdam’s waterfront. It’s one of the inspiring locations we use for our sessions. With a lovely and exalting view over the water the two hosts Joan and Jan create a fantastic ambience with delicious food and drinks on the boat. Sounds great, right? And we haven’t even started yet!


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