Team PR Mansion is active in many different branches and collaborates with a great deal of thought leaders and innovators. This enables us to act on trends and make them stick. We know what’s happening and from which way the wind is blowing.

Member IPRA 2017

We are experienced in both strategy and creation. Besides talking and thinking, we also know how to produce and execute. We speak English, Spanish, Dutch and Arabic.

We gladly help you keeping your PR-activities on track!

Mabelle Kloppenburg-Koot

Specialties: internal communication, event organizing, PR-strategy, government communication, coach on-the-job, interim management, chairmanship.

Branches: infrastructure, education, government, finance, retail, B2B, energy sector and healthcare.

“Mabelle keeps everything in motion. Dwelling is no option. Reflection is also a motion.”

After hours Mabelle is active in her neighborhood and hockey club AHC IJburg. Mabelle is the chairman of the Board of the Dutch National Thrombosis Service. She loves to bike, dance, read and to be with her family.

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Layana Mokoginta

Specialties: Spokemanship, PR-strategy, (international) marketing communication, crisis PR, bottom-up collaborations, interim management, local initiatives and civil society.

“Layana is committed to a sustainable economy and a world in harmony. Her favorite instruments are wit and originality.”

Branches: renewable energy, water, arts & culture, bottom-up project development, fashion & beauty, development cooperation, healthcare.

Layana is active in her neighborhood, involved with different bottom-up initiatives, active member and initiator of Rotaryclub Amsterdam Westertoren and writes for various blogs. She loves arts and culture, dancing, illustrating and her friends and family.

Friends of the PR Mansion

Karima Aissaoui

Karima is a starter, but not a beginner. Graduated in communication science studies with a specialisation in cross-cultural and online marketing and over a 10.000 followers on Instagram. Speaks Dutch, English, Arabic, Berber and French.

“With curiosity and a broad vision Karima connects people from different cultures in Amsterdam”

Interests: art & culture, creative expression, literature, cross-cultural marketing and communication.

Karima illustrates and paints after hours and does so voluntarily with alzheimer patients. Furthermore she writes for the Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam on social topics.

Daniel Iragorri Carter

Daniel is and expert in the area of behavior modification and is a psychologist with a specialisation in social health. He took his masters at the Maastricht University. Daniel co-develops ways to move early and late majorities towards activity in the social field.

“Daniel is a hardcore romanticist that believes in the power of people and data to make the world a more beautiful place.”

Specialties: health and social psychology, qualitative research, behavior modification, invention mapping, content marketing, user research, spiritual awareness.

Branches: social heath, nutricion, hulpverlening, social aid

Daniel is our Colombia connection. A  die-hard romanticist that believes in changing the systems from inside out. Next to being fluent in Salsa, Vallento and Merenque, Daniel is also fluent in English, Spanish, French and Dutch.(We’re still working on the Dutch to be honest!) He wears a mustache when he feels like it, cause “well, sometimes you need a bit of a flare.”

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