Welcome to my first blog for PR Mansion. My name is Jet, 24 years old and moved to Amsterdam in September. My survival skills were tested immediately; cycling through Amsterdam is like Mariokart where the bananas on the road are ignorant tourists that suddenly emerge before you. Beside these perils, no lightning bolds, but scooters with blue plates are fired at you. The quicksand or cosmos for risk of falling are lacking, but nonetheless an alternative was designed for this: tram rails. Practice makes perfect and my agility, stamina and anticipation were raised to a higher level by this game.

And this comes in handy at the PR Mansion! I started working here since the end of September. In my ‘student years’ I met PR Mansion through my efforts for the P-Nuts Awards. I was a hostess there and after that I was contacted multiple times for the Energy Breakfasts of Wij krijg kippen en the Energy Dinner of NEWNRG. After driving through the Netherlands for years as a student chauffeur, the time came to get a more serious side job so that I could learn something useful. I didn’t make the connection yet, but luckily Mabelle did, so I could come to the PR Mansion for an interview.

My first task was putting together the packages for Vagisan, a mailing to menopause consultants. PR Mansion has worked on breaking the taboo on vaginal dryness. Perhaps you have read our stories in Santé, Vriendin and Vrouw. The success of the mailing was confirmed by an employee of the postal service who also wanted such a sample.

Next to this, I am your go-to-person for all your questions on how you can care for your pet even better, how to get them through the winter and dog food made out of peas… For Petcurean I’ve translated blogs about pets and you can read them all on their webpage and Facebook. I really like working for PR Mansion because everyone is so creative and brings such original ideas to the table. For example, at Halloween you could all shudder at our PR horror story and in January we are organizing a House of Brilliant Failures party. The vibe is good, the coffee is great and I am learning a great deal here with the support from these to very different but complimentary ‘bosses’ – Layana and Mabelle.

Would you like to enhance your PR skills too? Contact us for a meet and greet with delicious (yes really!) coffee. We would love to hear your story.