Plans are great. But eventually it’s the realization of the project and experience that matter. The Saloon is about action. We leave nothing to chance, and reach for maximum results. Hitting the bull’s-eye.


Creative agency Lemz invented Optimellisme, a day with fans of the Optimel-drink and Irene Moors about health, taste and surprises. We organized the event from beginning to end: Location scouting, contracting artists, booking catering – The PR Mansion handled it all.

Time for action? Let’s see what we can do for you.

Talking heads

Handling the press is something else. Need some help putting up your media policy? (Temporary) support needed with spokesmanship? Our Talking Heads gladly help you out. Moreover we offer media coaching, and coaching-on-the-job. PR Mansion has performed as spokesman for Plan Nederland and Coca Cola amongst others.

More info on our talking heads? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Something special

Piano on ferryboat surprises Amsterdam commuters during morning traffic. Read more about this at news.

Schools are obligated by the ministry to hand in annual reports. But how do they report the well being of the kids, parents and surroundings of the school? PR Mansion operated an interactive annual report for parents, kids and the neighborhoods of school cluster ABSA Scholengroep.

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